Candidate Q&A: Hans Romer, for Jefferson County Commissioner District 1


Profession: Sales, lending, real estate investment

Residence: Arvada

Party: Libertarian


What makes you the best choice for this office?

The 50 +years of partisan politics that have constantly put the county into red spending, and making the entire county much too top/supervisory/bureaucracy heavy. ALSO, my distinct desire to NOT be in politics. Unlike my opponents, I neither desire nor want to be in this position. If possible, I would cut my own pay in half.

If elected, what would your top issue be?

Two major issues- first, working with the police, and DA offices in all cities to end NO KNOCK warrants, unless a persons life is in danger. #2 Eliminating county positions within my scope, that are outdated, and only consuming taxpayer funds.

If elected, what would you want to accomplish in order for you to consider the term a success?

If the county goes into the black, and can actually begin the process of reduction in size, scope and intrusion into citizens lives.

Even before COVID-19 the county looked to be in a rough financial position. What is one county expense you think could be cut, and why?

Police, investigations and incarcaration. If we could bring drugs into a position of "persons needing help," rather than "criminals needing punishment," the cities and county law enforcement could focus more on crimes on citizens, and less on victimless crimes.

Would you support trying to bring more revenue into the county, through a new tax or another attempt at TABOR relief?

No. absolutely not. Government at all levels is bloated, and over reaching. Gary Johnson was governor of New Mexico for 2 terms, and reduced govt incredibly. It is totally possible to do the same thing with something as small as a county. It needs to be done and sooner than later. We've had a major financial shock with COVID, and the government needs to adjust to a 30% loss, same as most citizens ... NOT demand more, from those already hurt.


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