Letter: Growth is only making the climate crisis worse

As climate change rages across the USA, Europe and beyond, Golden’s City Council keeps growing our city with more buildings, more traffic, more exhaust and more carbon footprint.
What kind of facts, understandings and calamities must all of us suffer at the hands of “eternal growth” proponents? How bad does the traffic have to become? How dirty and toxic our air? How much more must we endure being packed into Golden like rats in a box?
What is the single greatest driver of climate Change? Answer: adding more people, adding more cars, adding more coal plants and adding more energy to support more people. What doesn’t Golden’s Mayor Weinberg understand about the sheer numbers she and the council are adding to our city?
Does anyone understand that once Golden adds another 5,000 or 10,000 people, and Denver continues on its path toward an added 2,000,000 people, and Colorado jumps from its current population of 5.7 to its projected 8.7 million—we’re all screwed on multiple levels.
Once those numbers hit, there are no solutions. Once those numbers manifest, how do you think we can save ourselves from climate change or traffic gridlock or water shortages or toxic air or another dozen consequences?
We need leaders who think about the future. We need a “Golden Population Stabilization Policy;” “Golden Stop Growth Policy;” and “Golden Quality of Life Policy.” We need these policies NOW!
Frosty Wooldridge, Golden


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