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Here’s to the great moms that make great families possible

There is a Mexican proverb that goes, “The house is not built upon the ground, but upon a woman.” Or, at least, according to an episode of “Criminal Minds,” there is such a proverb. The idea, … more

A participation trophy for my generation

We have failed. I say this to my generation. We have failed in this: is it not the unspoken (or spoken) desire of every generation of Americans (at least since the industrial revolution) to make the … more

The audacious optimism of the NFL draft

Hey, you want to see a bunch of grown — and sometimes overgrown — men get very, very worked up about something that they have no control over and which they have absolutely no idea how it will … more

Odds and ends and underdogs

Is there anything we love more in this country than an underdog? Speaking for the non-gambling portion of the reading public, of course. I think about that a lot this time of year, with the NCAA … more

On the virtue of temperance

Here’s my impression of last week. Any day before Friday: “OhmyGod meteorologist X said we could get 18 feet of snow on Friday into Saturday based on the GFS model which is notoriously more … more

New freedoms and new responsibility

So this is what normal feels like. Sort of.  When you’re reading this column, it will likely be on the anniversary of the day the world shut down. I was watching the Nuggets game last year on … more

Going all-in can be hard to get all the way out of

I sometimes play poker with buddies of mine. I’m not very good at it, it turns out, which is why I only play it sometimes. But I do know the game enough to know that there may come a time in the … more

New life and new challenges post- pandemic

What comes next?” I got my first vaccine against COVID last Sunday, and, with my second dose scheduled for mid-March, personally, I am ready finally to look at life post-pandemic. I know there are … more

Let us get more real with our leadership

History will little note, nor long remember, what we say here today.” I know. Some of you are, no doubt, tired of my frequent retreats into the words of Abraham Lincoln. But, given the reason many … more

Getting to a more calm and rational place

For those of you older than about age 30, do you remember that kid back in school who was considered “flaky?” You remember the one — the kid who knew most of the answers, would do the homework, … more

Borrowing some inaugural inspiration

In compliance with a custom as old as the government itself, I appear before you to address you briefly and to take in your presence the oath prescribed by the Constitution of the United States to be … more

Not optimistic, but still hopeful for the future

I have no words tonight. I know — some of you are relieved to hear that. And it’s not as if I don’t have any ideas. In fact, I had quite a clever idea which started with something I observed in … more

What word should define 2021

A colleague of mine here in these editorial pages likes to pick a word to live by at the beginning of the year. It’s a useful exercise, and, in the spirit of resetting literally everything for … more

A special 2020 letter for Santa

Of course, we’ve all heard of Christmas Lists — many of us used to make them, and collect them from our children. And we’ve all heard of the so-called “Grown-up Christmas List,” made famous … more

Let us resolve to leave the worst bits of 2020 behind

Okay, so, I suppose, if I have a 2020 Christmas List last week, I should have a few New Years’ resolutions this week. I know, I know — I’ve said before that I don’t believe in New Years’ … more

Wondering about how so many things came to be

Sometimes I think strange thoughts. I know — big shock to regular readers. Both of you. But, do you ever wonder about how some things came to be? Like, for instance: who was the first person who … more

Lean into those helpful holiday traditions

So, this week I started in on a ritual that I’ve observed for, oh, probably about the last 12 years. I started watching, on Netflix, through the sequence of West Wing Christmas episodes as I work … more

Let’s not lose our humanity to this strange new world

Have you ever stopped to think about what a conversation would be like between a couple aliens sent to observe us? Alien 1: “What are they doing?” Alien 2: “What do you mean? This, apparently, … more

Our lives influenced by technocrats and criminals

Tell me something, if you can: When did we, as a country, become so comfortable, and even blasé, about mafia-like behavior? For, example, two nights before the election, one of the bigger national … more

Surviving the election as we look for the good in 2020

Whew. It would appear — and I hope I’m not saying this prematurely — that we have survived what I thought *for sure* was going to be November’s contribution to the dreck of 2020. That is, we … more
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