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June 11 - August 2, Holy Family High School, 5195 West 144th Avenue, Broomfield, CO
August 1 - 2, Golden Church of the Nazarene, 17455 W. 16th Ave, Golden, CO
August 9, Dinosaur Ridge, 16831 W. Alameda Parkway, Morrison, CO
August 13, Buffalo Rose, 1119 Washington Avenue, Golden, CO
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Diagnosing the state of Alzheimer’s

Experts call it the “silver tsunami”— the 850,000 centenarians living in the country by 2050 will represent one the largest pools of people to reach “senior status” in the country’s history. In the nation, Colorado ranks third as …
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Monuments to life

The proverb says that while good men must die, death cannot kill their names. In the nine square miles that is Golden, the local cemetery has been staffed with magnanimous workers who are doing remarkable deeds, unsolicited by the city which …
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Everyone knows how to ride a bike but no one rides one like Alex Howes. Actually that’s not true. There are a few — but just a few — more cyclists in the world who can ride like Howes, but only because he is one of the elite cyclists in the …